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PHOMI Carbon-zero Coverings , which has experienced 16 years of market wind and rain, has established exhibition halls and been widely used in more than 100 countries around the world, and its overseas performance has doubled in the past two years. PHOMI Carbon-zero Coverings are widely used in building exterior walls and interior finishes, and are also used in BIPV, automotive interior, home appliances, bags and furniture. We not only provides the industry with carbon-neutral material solutions, but also highlights the company's strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

The advantages of PHOMI econiclay coverings

1. High plasticity

1). PHOMI econiclay coverings can be arbitrarily made into various forms of products such as various sheets, blocks, coils, and profiles.

2). It can realistically express the color and texture of existing materials such as stone, brick, pottery, clay, wood, leather, weaving, and fair-faced concrete. It can also create a personalized form of expression according to the design requirements of architects and designers.

2. Wide application and excellent performance

1). PHOMI econiclay coverings can be applied to a wide range of fields such as architectural decoration walls, furniture, floors, runways, and municipal roads.

2). PHOMI econiclay coverings have excellent properties such as aging resistance, fire resistance, shock and crack resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, breathable and heat insulation, flexibility and bend ability.

3. Green, environmental protection, safety and health

1). Raw materials of PHOMI econiclay coverings are made of natural and renewable resources, and its production process is low energy consumption and low pollution, which is environmentally friendly to the global environment and society.

2). PHOMI econiclay coverings are non-toxic and harmless, which are safe and healthy for people.

The Unique Features of PHOMI econiclay coverings

1.Self-cleaning Function

The surface of PHOMI econiclay coverings have super hydrophilicity. Once it encounters rainwater, it can quickly form a layer of water film on the surface of the material, making it difficult for dirt to adhere which will be washed away with rainwater.



2. Air Purification Function & Anti-pollution

PHOMI econiclay coverings have a unique air purification function. When the material is irradiated by the sun's ultraviolet rays, reactive oxygen species will be generated on its surface, and the reactive oxygen species on the surface of the material will convert the harmful substances into harmless ones when they contact the material.

Using PHOMI econiclay coverings to decorate a 150-square-meter house, its air purification capacity is equivalent to the amount of air that can be purified by a forest the size of four tennis courts, and the total amount of degradable nitrogen oxides is equivalent to 11 cars driving continuously at a speed of 30km per hour Nitrogen oxide emissions in 24 hours.


3.Antibacterial and sterilizing function

The PHOMI econiclay coverings with increased bacteriostatic and bactericidal functions has bacteriostatic properties when used indoors. Bacteria will be eliminated when they touch the surface of the product. The sterilization function of Phomi flexi tiles can continue to work in completely dark conditions, eliminating the unpleasant smell caused by the bacteria.


ISO9001, ISO14021

U.S. UL Green Guard Certification

Certificate of Conformity of Russian Building Sanitary Use Regulations

Marine Equipment Directive MED Certification

Certificate of Conformity With Russian Fire Protection Regulations

Malaysia Fireproof Material Certification

European Union Fireproof Material Certification

Korea Green Label

Singapore Green Label

Polish Quality Certification


Floors, walls, ceilings, closets, insulation panels, tunnels and subways
Exterior Wall System
Exterior Wall System
Ventilated exterior wall and outer surface covering
Interior Decoration System
Interior Decoration System
Ceilings, interior walls, floors, ceilings, door panels and furniture finish for offices, businesses, hotels and restaurants
Ship Field
Ship Field
Phomi flexi tiles can be applied to walls and floors of ship due to its light texture and high moisture resistance.
Composite Structural Panel
Composite Structural Panel
Phomi flexi tiles can be freely combined with other products to form an extremely light and high-performance composite surface without excess load on the surface, which is suitable for all fields with high requirements on materials.

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